Are your rates nightly or daily?

A: We do have a minimum hire rate, but like to charge a nightly rate which is different to other hire companies. Our pricing is focused around what’s best for the customer.

When can I pick up and return the van?

A: Pick up anytime that suits you after 1:00pm. When returning the van our we are flexible with time with regards to when you have documented your return time. We please ask that if you will be more than 30 minutes later to text Kylie to avoid additional charges. We need to ensure we meet our next customer’s commitment.

Can I extent my holiday?

A: If you are enjoying you holiday and the van is not committed to other customers, this shouldn’t be a problem. Give Kylie a call.

Will the van be insured?

A: Insurance is included in your rental agreement.

Do we have to pay a bond on the caravan?

A: Yes, the bond payable is $1,100 which is payable before you take the van.

How can I find out which caravans my car can tow?

A: The towing capacity of your car will be listed on a sticker on the inside of your driver’s side door or your tow bar. If not you should be able to find this in the cars owner’s manual.  We are happy to guide you on what the towing capacity of your vehicle is.

Is there a limit to how far I can travel on my holiday?

A: The caravan can be taken Australia wide as per the insurance agreement.

Can you deliver and pick up the caravan for me?

A: Yes, we can deliver anywhere in Australia and will provide you with an additional quote for this service.

Can our kids take their bikes?

A: Yes, bikes racks can be made available